images (12)Volunteers are the heart of the Network: without them, it cannot exist. Volunteers provide a variety of services: cooking and serving meals, playing with children or helping them with homework, and staying overnight. Beyond providing lodging and meals, volunteers interact with the guests, treating them with respect and responding with compassion.

Family Promise of Lincoln County is only possible because of the many helping hands of our volunteers. And there are many ways to help.

For a printable VOLUNTEER APPLICATION:  FPLC Volunteer App - General


Teen Mentor: Teens don’t need a baby sitter, but often parents are working and teens don’t have a place to be or something productive to do. This volunteer can be someone the teen can talk to, do activities with, and learn from.

Parent Mentor: Parents have a lot them must accomplish in order to successfully transition out of Family Promise and into stable independent living. This volunteer would be a support and encourager to the parent. This volunteer could also help parents get to appointments. Sometimes that extra person believing in them and listening to them makes all the difference.

Child Assistant: When parents are in our classes, with the case manager, and working on the computer to accomplish their goals, little children can often be a distraction. This volunteer would be available to play with children, read stories, etc while the parent worked on their tasks.

Day CenterAssistant: This person helps generally around the Day Center. This might be sorting cupboards, unloading new donations, some general cleaning, positive interactions with the families, etc.

Office Assistant: Data entry, creating forms and flyers, answering the phones, etc.

Trailer Mover: The Family Promise trailer transports the beds and moves each week from church to church on Sundays. If you have a truck that can pull a trailer with a 2 inch hitch and don’t mind being a back up for us, let us know!

Event Coordinator: Do you like planning events and working with a team? A few times a year, Family Promise will have events, whether for awareness, fundraisers or appreciation.

Event Volunteer: Do you like helping with a one time event? Helping set up, organize, or take down? Let us know.

Volunteer Coordinator: Are you a people person? Are you organized? This person would call volunteers and schedule them. This person would also help plan volunteer trainings.

Professional Skills: to offer the program such as accounting, legal, grant writing, plumbing, tech support, mechanics, website/social media, etc. We can use your help.

Practical Skills: to offer the families, you can offer a one time, or monthly workshop for families to impart some knowledge, skill, or activity that you are comfortable and passionate about sharing.

Contact Shiana Weaver at 541-614-0964 or email: fplc.shiana@gmail.com for more information.