Our Programs

images (6) Shelter:
  • Partnering with local churches allows us to offer a safe and warm place to sleep
  • Provide a hot, nutritious meal in the evenings.
  • The opportunity to build community, to network, and grow a support system from our amazing volunteers.
Day Center:
  • A place to prepare healthy meals.
  • A clean bathroom for bathing and other personal hygiene needs.
  • Access to a washer and dryer for our families to launder their clothes.
  • A nursery/quiet room for mothers with infants and small children.
  • A workstation to look and apply for jobs, housing and other resources.
On Site Case Management:
  • Resource navigation
  • Support.
  • Goal-setting.
  • Accountability.
  • Renter’s Second Chance Class.
  • Financial Management Class
  • Parenting Class
  • Life Skills Class
  • Job Skills Class
  • Cooking Class
Transportation between the Family Day Center and the local overnight host site. Initial Response Program:
  • Assess Basic Needs
  • Resource Navigation
  • Make Referrals to Community Agencies